Curbside Shopping? To pick our flowers? Yup, it's true

We LOVE talking with our visitors. We LOVE helping them make fantastic planters and flower beds that will please them until the cold weather comes.

The day after our official opening this year, March2020, Covid19 circumstances meant it would not be a year as usual. Oh, yes, we had the greenhouse filling up with cuttings rooting, seeds germinating and small plants growing to fit their pots. But how would our customers get them?

So we quickly shifted gears and started putting our plants online. Yes a daunting task, if you have ever wandered the greenhouse. Why the 'Spiller' aisle alone would make my knees shake. And the 'Thrillers'. And 58 kinds of tomatoes?

Do take the time to snoop through the website. We are plants people, and have tried our best to put 'online' what we think is ready to go to your homes and gardens.

It is a different spring season for us all. Perhaps you will find a plant you would normally have just walked right past. And it will turn out to be the best plant ever!

Every day new plants are added to the website. And every few days we will put a new message in this space. If you have questions, we are trying to answer them through instagram, facebook, on the phone and through info@

Take time to enjoy the small things in your day,

Thelma Kessel