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**Huge Plant Sale!**

July 14, 2021

**Huge Plant Sale!**


This is the one you've been waiting for! The one where people come in and say, "I don't even know where I'm putting all of these... now I'm just decorating my barn!". I had someone say that to me earlier lol. GREAT PRICES happening over here on hanging baskets, patio pots, annuals and perennials!
Check out the details below:

Cell paks now 75% off, that means they're now 32 cents each (reg. $1.29), or $5 for a full flat of 18.
11" Hanging baskets are now $11.99 each (reg. $16.99) or get 3 or more for only $10 each!
Patio pots are now $15.99 or 2 or more for $12.50ea (includes 10" or 12" pots, reg. $29.99)
4' Mandevilla trellises reg. $74.99 now 25% off!
All annuals 50% off! (4"/5" green pots now only $2.25each, and 4"/5" black pots only $3)
Perennials in 4"/5" pots now 50% off (4"/5" green pots now only $2.25each, and 4"/5" black pots only $3)
Herbs 50% off (4" green pots now only $2.25each, and 4" black pots only $3).

Sale runs from July 15-29
(but we'll give you the early bird special if you come today ;) - we'll honour tomorrow's sale prices for you).

Go nuts, and enjoy! Thanks for a great season!!!