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Aronia 'Low Scape Mound'

Aronia is a lovely shrub that should be used so much more in the landscape. The flowers are loved by many pollinators, the fruit is pretty, and foliage turns a beautiful orangey-red in the cool of fall. With almost no pests or diseases, there is a spot for Aronia in your yard. Ah, but which one to choose? Well, the breeders have done their homework. Tall? Short? Hedge? 'Low Scape Mound' is a sweet little shrub that could fit in any spot. The breeder describes it as 'cute as a button but tough as nails'.

Height 55cm

Width 55cm

Bloom time June

Hardiness Zone 3

Please note: This picture shows what the plant may look like when more mature; at this time our plants may not look like this.

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