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Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh'

  • In Ontario Clematis are best in morning sun. Although they do like lots of light, our summers are often too hot for all day or afternoon sun.  Award winner 'Etoile Violette' produces masses of small to medium-sized deep purple flowers with creamy-yellow stamens. Plants may grow larger than 100"/250cm. Pruning Group 3.

  • Please note: This picture shows what the plant may look like when more mature. At this time our plants may not look like this.

  • Clematis Backgrounder:

  • Our garden Clematis are woody perennials that can be bushy but are mostly semi-climbing. Pruning depends on what growth the flowers buds form. Group 1 flowers in early spring on the previous season’s growth. Plants in Group 1 should only be pruned after the flowers have finished to tidy up or remove dead growth. If you prune off all the buds made last fall, you won’t see any flowers; Group 2 flowers in early summer on lateral shoots from the previous season and terminal shoots from this season. Pruning while dormant is just removing damage and cutting back stems to strong buds. Plants in Group 3 flower in late summer and early fall on growth made in this current season.  Prune Group 3 plants just as growth is happening. They should be cut back to healthy buds that are about 25cm off the ground.

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