Hosta Cranberry Wine, Colour Paradise, Kitchener Waterloo

Hosta 'Cranberry Wine'

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Hosta are shade garden dependables. There are over 7000 registered  cultivars. They come in a huge range of size (both leaf and plant), leaf colouring, variegation, growth rate and slug resistance. Though there are many hosta that survive the most grueling spots of sun and dry soil,  surviving is not thriving, and you will find the most successful are planted in moist spots that get some shade-like where slugs thrive.  'Cranberry Wine' has bright gold leaves with a graceful ruffling along the edge. The leaves are thick, slug resistant, and will become more green the darker their location. But this isn't just a hosta with a fancy leaf colour. The petioles (the leaf stem) are a dark red, as are the scapes holding the purple striped flowers in summer.

Height 40cm

Width 45cm

Bloom time July-August

Hardiness Zone 2

Please note: This picture shows what the plant may look like when more mature. At this time our plants may not look like this.

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