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Sanguinaria canadensis, bloodroot, Colour Paradise, Kitchener Waterloo

Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot

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A welcome sight after the dreary March. These happy white flowers open up to greet the spring sunshine, and close up for dull days. Carefree, it will naturalize very slowly if you let it. This is a native woodland plant with deeply lobed leaves that will go dormant in mid-late summer. (Interesting note: All parts exude a bright orange sap that was used as body paint and dye by indigenous people). Just sit and watch all the pollinators flies and bees on those lovely spring days.

Height 20cm

Width 20cm

Bloom time April-May

Hardiness Zone 2

Please note: This picture shows what the plant may look like when more mature. At this time our plants may not look like this.

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