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Sedum kamtschaticum Variegatum, Colour Paradise, Kitchener Waterloo

Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum'

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The genus Sedum has some amazing plants. There are tall ones, short ones, some that spread lots, some not to much. All are tolerant of the heat and drought once established. Then the plant breeders got involved and now we have even more plant habits , foliage types, colours and flower colours. Just pick your size and colour, and Sedum probably has it. It may not be hardy in this area, but many are. 

Sedum kamtschaticum is one of the ground cover Sedum species. It sprawls nicely over a patch of garden, sending up showy yellow flowers in the summer. 'Variegatum' has a white edge to the sturdy green leaf, which adds to the variety in your landscape. Sedum are all tolerant of heat and sun which places them on the unenviable list of roof garden collections.

Height 15cm

Width 30cm

Bloom time -Summer

Hardiness Zone 2

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