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Sempervivum 'Hopewell'

Almost everyone know Hens and Chicks. Sempervivum are known to grow in holes in rocks or at the edge of a sunny garden. They have thick, fleshy leaves that form a tight rosette. The flower erupts from the centre of the rosette and often small plants develop around the base of the 'hen' rosette - the chicks. The small plants may roll about and find a new home a few inches away which leads to its popularity in tough spots. Sometimes the centre 'hen' will die, but the colony keeps developing. A happy, old established planting of Sempervivum is a sight to behold. Breeders have found different leaf colour, shape and different flower colours. 'Hopewell' has silvery green leaves with everchanging hues as temperatures change. A fascinating Sempervivum for the droughty landscape.

Height 10cm

Width 20cm

Bloom time July-August

Hardiness Zone 3

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