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Sempervivum 'Spring Beauty'

Almost everyone know Hens and Chicks. Sempervivum are known to grow in holes in rocks or at the edge of a sunny garden. They have thick, fleshy leaves that form a tight rosette. The flower erupts from the centre of the rosette and often small plants develop around the base of the 'hen' rosette - the chicks. The small plants may roll about and find a new home a few inches away which leads to its popularity in tough spots. Sometimes the centre 'hen' will die, but the colony keeps developing. A happy, old established planting of Sempervivum is a sight to behold. Breeders have found different leaf colour, shape and different flower colours. 'Spring Beauty'  has medium sized rosettes of bright green leaves, flushed with plum tones in colder months. Great in combination with contrasting groundcovers such as Sempervivum 'Black', 'Rubrum', or 'Peggy'.

Height 10cm

Width 20cm

Bloom time July-August

Hardiness Zone 3

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