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Spathiphyllum 'Jessica'

This rare and uncommon Variegated Spathiphyllum 'Jessica' is an unusual Peace Lily noted for its all-over variegation and large patches of white. Unlike other variegated Peace Lily varieties, the mature ‘Jessica’ is noted for growing all white, albo leaves contrasted by dark stems. It can make a great show piece on a coffee table or dining room table in its first year or two. Most Spathithyllum grow to about 2 feet when mature.

Medium bright indirect light - they should never be direct sunlight, but too little light will slow its growth and possibly lose some variegation. Early morning, late evening/ filtered sun is best.
Water weekly from spring to fall. let dry slightly in winter months.

Decorator tip: Plant in a bright coloured pot to showcase the variegation. avoid whites as these will distract too much from the plant. Like all peace lilies, Blooms will be a creamy white.

Pro tip: If you forgot when the last time you watered them was, wait for the plant to droop slightly before watering - they are known for being a little dramatic when they want water!