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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are currently open for in-store shopping. Unfortunately we are not able to offer both online shopping and in-store shopping at the same time, but we assure you we are taking every precaution to ensure a safe shopping experience for you at Colour Paradise. We can also recommend coming during our slower shopping hours (with the fewest customers) which is first thing in the morning, during lunch time, and during the evening.

No, not all of our pictures indicate what our plants currently look like. Our plants with a white background are generally accurate of what the plant currently looks like. Products such as shrubs and vegetables have pictures that indicate what that plant should look like at full maturity, not in its current purchasing condition.

Most of our cell paks (like 95%) will contain two plants, if not this will be noted in the description of the plant. If a plant does not have two plants, it is usually because the size it grows does not allow enough room to have two. 

We plan to keep all the products we have available each season online to serve as a catalogue for our customers. Please visit us in person to see the plants we have available currently. Thanks!

Colour Paradise Greenhouses is happy to say that we are dog-friendly, and love when your pets come to visit!