We’re so delighted you stopped by to know a bit more about us.

We love what we do, and are so excited to share it with you. We’re currently raising up our third generation with a love for nature, growing, and all things green. Denise and Mark were blessed to be raised with these values by their parents, John and Ruth Numan, who began greenhouse growing in 1973 with their commitment to hard work, and uncompromising quality in their plants.

Through the years John and Ruth grew countless plants, their business, and their family, adding 6 children to their crew, and raising them up to love this industry so much that a whole new venture needed to begin in order to keep everyone involved that wanted to be. And so, in 2003 the property that would soon hold Colour Paradise Greenhouses was purchased, and this new adventure began. To date, most of their children (and a great many of their grandchildren) are involved in the greenhouse industry, with their oldest and youngest (Denise and Mark) now the fantastic team owning Colour Paradise Greenhouses.

The creation of Colour Paradise Greenhouses was a dream for John, who had long envisioned a stunning retail location for their plants, and many of the clever ideas engineered for it’s design and operation were born from his experiences and innovations, a quality Mark has inherited and carries forward.

Colour Paradise opened it’s 100 000 sq. ft. of growing and retail space to customers in 2005. We grow our plants right from tiny seeds or cuttings to their beautiful mature state for retail, including over 25,000 hanging baskets!

In 2017 we suffered a terrible loss with the passing of John from cancer. We’re so glad he was able to see his dream at Colour Paradise Greenhouses thrive, and we’re so grateful to all of you for making that happen!

You are the reason we exist! And we’re committed to providing a huge selection of excellent quality plants, and living the values that John taught us, in life, and business. If you’d like to see us grow something specific, let us know! It really excites us to talk about new varieties and to hear what you love too!

Welcome to Colour Paradise

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