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Pepper 'Mariachi'

1 plant per cell pak

Hot pepper: The All American Selection 'Mariachi' quickly sets fruits and produces an abundant crop of high quality, mild chile peppers. It is a fleshy pepper that ripens from creamy white to rose, then red. Some people may wait for the mature red pepper, but try it at the creamy white stage to enjoy the delicate and complex, fruity undertones reminiscent of melons. Mariachi peppers are moderately pungent, with Scoville readings range from 500 to 600 range when grown under non-stressful conditions to 1500-2000 under stress, such as extremely hot weather or overly dry soil. For salsa, sauce, excellent grilled.

Approx days to harvest: 66-85

Fruit size: 4"/10 cm

Scoville Heat Units: 500-2000