“I have a shady space but I want flowers”

May 07, 2020

“I have a shady space but I want flowers”

Very shady spaces are a challenge for making flowers. Think of the dark forest - not much grows on the forest floor because there just isn’t enough light. If you have tried growing a fuchsia, or begonia and found the plant grows fine but the flowers get fewer and fewer, it is probably because of low light. Don’t despair. It might just mean that you should see the pleasure in foliage rather than flowers. There are many foliage plants that can tolerate low light conditions. You will be amazed at the visual excitement a planter can provide when you combine different colours and textures of foliage. A simple one is german ivy, asparagus fern and a spider plant. Shade tolerant foliage plants include Caladium, rex begonias, boston fern, pothos, hypoestes, tradescantia..and many more. Do have a snoop, I am certain you will find a combination that pleases you as much as flowers all summer long.

Thelma Kessel

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