Taking care of your hanging baskets

May 09, 2020

Taking care of your hanging baskets

Let’s chat about how to take care of these hanging baskets you’re taking home 😊⁣

We want you to have a really successful plant and gardening experience, so we make sure to set you up for that: ⁣

We’ve put a 100 Day Slow Release fertilizer in each of your hanging baskets, so that will last you all summer long! All you have to do is water them, and every time you do that a little bit of the fertilizer is released. ⁣

Watering! The frequency of watering is determined by a few things that fluctuate: how warm it’s been, the amount of wind, the size of the plant etc, so the watering needs of your plant changes. No one can say, for example, “water every 3 days”. But! Knowing when to water is still simple, here’s how to know when to water: lift your pot up. If it’s heavy, you don’t need to water it. If it feels light, it’s easy to pick up, then water it until water starts dripping out the bottom of the pot. That’s it! ⁣

Most of these pots will need to wait until it’s t-shirt weather to stay outside consistently. Keep in mind that they grew up in a nice, warm, sheltered greenhouse, so they need some time to acclimate to the cooler world out there. What you do to help them have success with this transition is to take them outside on warm days, and keep them inside when it’s cool out. This is true for most plants this time of year, we call it, “Taking your plants for a walk” 😊

Bugs eat Bugs SachetFinally, some of you may find a sachet in your pot. We use biological pest control at Colour Paradise (bugs to eat bugs) – it’s very effective and better for the environment! These sachets are one of the ways we release biological pest controls into our plants. You won’t even notice them, and they won’t spread to any of your other plants.

That’s it, now just enjoy them and watch them grow!⁣

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