“How do I start a vegetable garden?”

May 06, 2020

“How do I start a vegetable garden?”

A successful vegetable garden needs as much sun as you can provide and the nicest soil. If you are growing in the ground, work in some composted manure peat moss or our potting mix to loosen the soil (this makes it easier for the roots to grow) If you are gardening in raised beds, our bagged potting mix will be wonderful to use.

Be prepared to weed, because weeds steal the sun and nutrients from your vegetable plants.

Be prepared to water at least weekly, because you want a crop from your hard work, and plants need water to produce those yummy vegetables.

Start with some easy ones first: parsley, lettuce, swiss chard or kale, beans, carrots, tomatoes.

Lettuce, parsley, chard, kale: you are harvesting the leaves from the growing plant. Take no more than 25% of the plant so it can build more. Each carrot plant will only produce one carrot- it is the root you are eating. A tomato plant will produce many tomatoes throughout its harvest season (which varies, depending on the tomato cultivar).

'Days to harvest' is how long it takes to produce what we eat from the time that little seedling is planted in your garden. It is a guideline only, since every garden is different. The plant that struggles in the hot and dry will take longer to make fruit than the one who never wants for moisture.

With care, your plants will produce a wonderful crop. Enjoy that fresh-picked flavour all summer, start your vegetable garden today.



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